Tea Leaf Reading Club (formerly Muse Monthly) is a monthly subscription box that delivers a newly published novel along with a specially selected box of tea to it’s subscribers. Tea Leaf is focused on promoting debut contemporary fiction written by women of all nationalities, as well as working with delicious and organic tea makers in the US and Canada.


Tea Leaf's goal is to provide an experience of comfort and warmth, believing that the enlightening powers of literature and the healing powers of tea can provide it's subscribers with the ultimate form of escapism. The former branding came off a little too cold and impersonal, the new branding had to highlight how boxes were tailored to the customer while still being inviting to new subscribers.


Who is the Audience?


Busy Body — Margaret Flynn

Margaret is an incredibly busy lady trying to juggle her professional life, friends, and down time to herself. She likes going out and socializing but needs to spend time relaxing afterwards or else she feels drained. Margaret used to read all the time during college, but now gets overwhelmed at all the options that are presented when she walks into a book store.


Curious Connoisseur — Aarti Mangal

Aarti spends a good amount of her time in front of a computer, regularly taking breaks to relax. She typically drinks coffee during work, but recently has been wanting to expand her palate to try new things. Aarti is a huge fan of mystery novels, but has already worked her way through most of what her favorite author has written and is craving a fresh take.


The New Branding

Logo Mark


Goudy Old Style was used for its elegant and feminine flair, as well as its rise in popularity during the 1920's coinciding with a rise in female readership. The collection of letters resembles the tea leaves left behind after drinking a cup of tea, which are also read for fortune-telling based on the patterns they leave behind.


Color Palette


Type Palette


Brand Touchpoints



Setting the website up with a parallax design gives it a flow almost like flipping through the pages of a book. Scattered throughout are calls to action asking the user to participate by subscribing to Tea Leaf's service in between cozy, warm photos of what the company can provide.


Genre Icons


Stationery Set


Tea Set