After a visit to her family in Venezuela, Electra Avellan decided to turn her love of cheese made from raw milk into a business. Dos Lunas was founded on the beliefs of kindness, pleasure, and integrity in their products by sourcing their milk from a local farm that prioritizes an organic process and allows the cows to roam freely throughout the property.


I'm a huge cheese nerd so of course I was drawn to local company who not only makes delicious cheese, but also utilizes organic and kind business practices. Dos Lunas' current branding didn't reflect their internal values of all the things that made them so wonderful so I created an identity that really showcased them.


Who is the Audience?


Cheesehead — Abigail Benton

As a Wisconsinite, Abigail is no stranger to delicious cheeses. She is a huge fan of ones in particular that use raw milk which really highlights the natural and exciting flavors that cheese has to offer. Due to FDA pasteurization and aging restrictions, it's surprisingly hard to find cheese made with raw milk which is why Abigail is a huge fan of Dos Lunas.


Organic Fanatic — Freddy Alvarez

Freddy, like many other health-conscious folks, is an avid reader of food labels to verify whether or not they were made with GMO's. When he made the switch to organic only, he was surprised by how many of his favorite foods used them. Not only does Freddy get to support a local business from purchasing Dos Lunas' cheese, but he also knows he's being kind to his body and the environment.


The New Branding

Logo Mark


Since Dos Lunas is huge on using raw milk in their cheeses, I wanted to create the source of that into a sweet and friendly icon that help show off their kind business practices. The crescent moons in the eyes reference the company's name and the slab serif typeface gives a local, Texas feel.


Type Palette

Color Palette


Brand Touchpoints



I wanted to give a clean, welcoming feel to the website with most of the branding being type driven. A little blurb about the company, a testimonial, and an announcement were all that really needed to be included first and foremost — everything else could be redirected into the top navigation.