Founded in 1839, Austin Texas is now the fastest growing city in the country thanks to it's booming tech industry, love for natural spaces, and of course, live music venues. However, due to this rapid growth, many locals are being pushed out and feel that the Austin they grew up loving is no longer the one that stands today.


As a born and raised Austinite, this city is extremely near and dear to my heart. The biggest challenge during this project was deciding how to best combine the relaxed, hippie vibe of old Austin with the fast-paced, trendy style of new Austin to appeal to locals and newcomers alike.


Who is the Audience?


Old Austin — Maria Hinojosa

Maria has been an Austinite for over 40 years, working as a stage manager at a local club for the past 30. She worries about the dying live music scene, rising housing costs, and Austin losing what made it cool when she was younger.


New Austin — Bryan Duong

Bryan moved to Austin 2 years ago to work in the tech industry as a software developer. He loves the current trendy culture of Austin, that he can take his dog everywhere, and is active in local politics that would help further develop the city.


The New Branding

Logo Mark


It was important for the project that both factions of local and transplants were represented. The script type provides a nice flow that references the water flowing through the middle of the city. Natural colors give a freshness to the retro typefaces used in the number and state.


Color Palette


Type Palette


Brand Touchpoints



Simplifying the city's website into easy to find sections that streamlined the information was the first goal when looking at web to keep it friendly for both seasoned users of the site and folks who just moved into the city. Incorporating the use of a set photo style allows the city to pull images from multiple sources while keeping them looking consistent and on brand.


Social Media Campaign


One of the easiest ways for the city to connect with it's residents is through social media. Not only is it a powerful tool for sharing news and information, but also for engaging. Contests like this help with that engagement while also working with local businesses to reward the people that interact.


Advertising Campaign

Highlighting the ridiculous events (whether they be annual or weekly) that Austin hosts is a great way to promote local business while having a brash headline to capture the audience's attention.