Austin Pets Alive seeks to promote and provide the resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals. By developing innovative programs that target key groups of animals and pulling directly from euthanasia lists, Austin Pets Alive has saved more than 50,000 dogs and cats since 2008 and even has it's own academy aimed at teaching other shelters and animal rescues how to save them all.


Having been involved with APA since I was 17, this organization and their mission holds a very special place in my soul. After seeing how much the non-profit has grown in the past 8 years, I wanted to elevate the branding to that of a nationally recognized shelter while keeping it flexible enough that sister organizations could also utilize the updated identity.


Who is the Audience?


The Learner — Greg Wilson

Greg has been fostering medically challenged and hospice cats for over three years at APA. He has gained lots of valuable experience for his future career as a veterinarian and hopes to intern in the medical clinic for the veterinary rotation hours he needs in order to get his DVM.


The Volunteer — Nancy Hamman

Nancy loves photography in her spare time and is looking for an organization to donate her services to. She adopted a dog from APA earlier this year and had a wonderful experience with the knowledgeable staff that helped prepare her for pet ownership.


The New Branding

Logo Mark


I loved the bright green that was incorporated into the original branding so decided to keep that while modernizing the type to something a little cleaner and giving APA a mark that could be used independently from the type. The icon still gives APA a friendly feeling while the type gives the appearance of an organization that can be taken seriously and has valuable things to offer it's community.


Color Palette


Type Palette


Brand Touchpoints



I cleaned up the content and emphasized everything being in sections to make information easier to find. It was also important to me that content could be easily swapped and updated as new stories and new pets were featured in the home page. All photos featured here are from lovely APA volunteer and awesome photographer Laura Cole (laurakcole.com).


Pet Bio Page

For each animal's bio page, I implemented a tabbed system to help organize the vast amount of information on each animal and provided a search feature for users to narrow down what kind of personality they're looking for in a future pet.


Social Media Campaign


Utilizing hashtags for different days of the week to feature different animals, APA can put a spotlight onto some of the harder to adopt populations that they rescue. This also provides an opportunity for education about these animals which can be shared with other rescue groups or shelters.